King Kong has been an endearing favourite with the elders and the children alike from the thirties when the ape first made its presence felt over the Empire States Building. It was followed by a somewhat successful copy by Dino De Laurientus in the sixties with Jessica Lange playing the beauty which captivates the beast but it could never match up to its predecessor. Some other copies of the beast also cropped up down in Asia where King Kong was pitted against Godzilla but they never worked out the way the 1933 version did.

So when Peter Jackson took up the monumental task of re-creating the magic of the thirties and presenting an old wine in a new bottle, expectations soared to an unimaginable high. I was waiting with bated breath for this version to hit the theaters and when it finally did it was my annual exam time at the college. Even that fact  could not keep me away from the theater.

The movie starts off with Carl Denham (Jack Black) being fired from a movie by his producers for inappropriate use of their budget and also failing to come up with the good stuff by the deadline. Denham elopes with the crew inclusive of the script writer Jack Driscol (Adrien Broady) and also his newly found heroine for the title role in the movie Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts).Their destination is an uncharted Island known only as the skull Island for its topography. Here they plan to shoot their movie. Little do they know that this Island is the home of the colossal KONG.

With their arrival on the island, Ann is captured and put up in front of Kong as a sacrifice. The crew goes in search of her and soon realizes that they have underestimated the raw power of nature. The rest of the film deals with the different adventures the crew faces in rescuing Ann and the subsequent capture of KONG and his display on the New York Broadway.

This movie is a treat for everyone irrespective of their ages. What Peter Jackson has taken an old wine and packed it in a new bottle after revitalizing it. The graphics are a treat to watch and are the high points of the film. The creatures are a varied mix of color, beauty and ferociousness. The dinosaurs never looked so real and as for KONG, his face emotes a thousand expressions and one can actually feel his love for the beauty and his contempt for the rest of humanity. Watch out specially for the scenes between him and Ann Darrow.

The back ground score is just apt for the occasion. The set design is immaculate. As for the performances Adrien Broady, Jack Black and Naomi Watt do their parts to perfection. Andrei Serkis dones a digital character again after The Lord Of The rings trilogy and plays both KONG and LUMPY the cook to perfection.

Final Words, King Kong(2005) is one roller coaster ride that will both touch you and leave you exasperated at the same time.



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