When I first heard of the this movie I was a bit sceptical to say the least as in real life I was not much of  a Facebook fan but David Fincher really made one of the most entertaining and gripping movies of the recent times out of it. It was amazing in every sense of the term. The story starts off with a bang with Mark Zukerberg inventing the and then the narrative accelerates at a breakneck speed to the founding of As the events unfold in the present, the story of how Facebook came up is developed in the flashbacks. the present is further divided into two court cases, one which involved Mark Zuckerberg and Edwardo, his CFO at Facebook and a close friend while the other involved Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss brothers who accused Zuckerberg of stealing their concept for a social networking site.

The story telling technique used by David Fincher is engrossing. The tricks performed by Mark Zukerberg could be a tad bit difficult for someone with no technical knowledge to gulp but that does not in any way affect the overall enjoyability of the movie. The Movie takes us through the whole journey which led to the creation of Facebook. It also gives us an in depth view of the minds of its creators. Their ideas, their views and how we came to this. All the performances are well suited to the movie and the screenplay. Jesse Isenberg as Mark Zukerberg naturally steals the show. The supporting cast of Andrew Garfield, Arnie Hammer, Josh Pense is just apt for the occasion.

The Social Network is mighty entertaining. It can be watched and re-watched for varied reasons, the biggest being entertainment.



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