When I saw Action Replayy it extracted mixed reactions from me. The movie is entertaining to say the least but only in parts. Starring Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan the expectations were sky high which in turns I think was also major cause for the failure of this venture. The story is that of an unhappily married couple Akshay and Aishwarya and their son who tries to improve their relationship by traveling back in time and making their parents fall in love first before they actually tie the knot which they are destined to do. But he soon realizes that to get them to fall in love is tougher than traveling through time.

This is one of those RomCom entertainers which goes wrong somewhere in the middle and the worst part is that you don’t even realize that it has gone wrong until the curtains come down. Akshay’s depiction of an awkward kitchen dwindling freak is way over the top for the liking of the audience. The actor playing the role of his son is immensely likeable. Unfortunately individual flashes of brilliance are hardly good enough to keep a floundering ship dry.

Another major let down is the dispirited music. A movie like this has a lot to offer as far as Indian standards are concerned to the sort of music that could be put in, but the music falls terribly flat. Apart from a few good romantic numbers the rest of the soundtrack falls way short of the Nadiadwla standards.

Getting on the performances, Akshay as always is 100% there apart from the fact that the role in itself pulls him down immensely. Still he tries to salvage as much out of it as possible. Frankly speaking without akki this movie would be much lesser than what it already is. Aishwarya  sleep walks through her role. She doesn’t have much to do apart from looking pretty. Ranvijay is passable. Any one could have done his role. Rajpal Yadav is funny as always and his timing is as such that one would be forced to give a smile or two. Om Puri and Kiron Kher are just apt for the roles they essay.

Watch Action Replayy if you have nothing else to do and watch it with the least expectations. May be you will be surprised to see that it has risen above your expectations.

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  1. Dear ambar sir,

    It seems u hav seen the movie with real scrutiny in ur eyes. Well analyzed and above well pharsed Bottom line. Really appreciable !!

    For me lyk not seen the movie yet so can’t agree with diagonisis u did.

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  3. I enjoy men and women that blog, it is actually hard to put together this kind of information just about any way. First-rate job.


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