Rakta Charitra 2 starts from where the first part left off. By the end of the first part, Pratap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi) had moved out of his outlaw life and become a political leader. He had also incorporated the concept of Crime Free State but we were given a glimpse of the imminent problem that was headed his way in the form of Surya.

The second installment starts off with a rather long recap session of the first part and then we are Rakta-Charitra-introduced to the character of Suryabhan Reddy who is the son of Minister Narasimha Reddy from the first part. Pratap Ravi had wiped out his whole family(unknowingly) when he was busy extracting revenge and cleaning his trails before getting into politics. Surya was now on a mission to give him back what he had meted out to his family.

Shatrughan-Sinha-Rakta-CharitraOnce the basic premise is set, it’s all about the graphic violence and action sequences. To be honest I enjoyed the first part a bit more than this one. The reason for that can be sighted as the action in this one is not as relentless as the first part. A lot of time is dedicated to character development which does drag in parts. But then again, it also  adds value to an otherwise insipid storyline. Rakta Charitra 2 does to Rakta Charitra 1 what Kill Bill Vol 2 did to Kill Bill Vol 1. It adds a lot more depth to the storyline and also gives us a valid reason to hate our protagonist and support the antagonist.

Surya Sivakumar of the Ghajini fame gives a power packed yet restrained performance as Suryabhan rakta-charitra-5sReddy. He looks great in the action sequences and his hate feels real in the dramatic scenes. Vivek Oberoi continues from where he had left of in the first one. He gives another superlative performance and this time with grey shades. Priyamani does well in the role of Surya’s wife.

Overall Rakta Charitra 2 is a good outing for RGV. It’s not for the faint of heart and certainly not for the ones who like  light hearted entertainment. Watch it if you know what to expect and if you enjoy mayhem and carnage.



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