Just got up from watching Red Alert. It was an unheard of picture and all that I knew about it was that it got some awards in the intellectual movie circuit. That is what was written on the posters to say the least. I also got some positive opinions from a few friends who hadn’t seen it but said that they heard good things about it. So I went to see it with a free mind neither did I have any apprehensions nor did I think of it as a brilliant masterpiece. probably this was the biggest contributing factor into making this movie so very enjoyable to me.

To say the least I loved it. The story is gripping. From the very first scene we are put directly into the thick of the action and the proceedings get relentless to say the least. As we are introduced to the different characters and the story unfolds there not even a single dull moment and the viewer is sucked into the proceedings. The ending to see the least is befitting to a tale of humanity, passion, extremism and freedom.

I can vouch for the fact that no one will walk out of the theatres dissatisfied about the ending,which happens in so many cases as we talk about our movie watching experiences.



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