I have always been a fan of Tony Scott genre of Action Flicks. I say Tony Scott genre because there is an action Genre and then there is a Tony Scott style of action. His movies are a notch different from any other high octane action movie that you will see. There is an uneasiness to his action, a short on breath feel and more than anything else a very jerky feel to the frames which makes you feel as though you were part of the proceeding. His style has a faint resemblance to that of Michele Bay if we speak of action flicks like Transformers but Tony does not incorporate a comic book feel to the sequences. So every-time a new Tony Scott picture is out on the horizon I feel nostalgic and till now I have never been disappointed. Unstoppable was no exception. I am especially amazed at the fact that how Scott creates heroes out of ordinary men as was evident in “Taking of Pelham 123” and now Unstoppable.

The movie tells the story of Frank(Denzel Washington), an engineer and Colson(Chris Pine),a conductor and their tryst with an unmanned train 777 carrying hazardous, inflammable and toxic products.The movie starts real nice and slow and gives us a look into the mental states of the character. The depiction of the incident which leads to the train being unmanned is beautifully done. In all reality the unmanned train is transformed into a violent out of control adversary and you start feeling that actually its a living character in the whole movie. The sub-plots involving the families of the two protagonist as well as that of the corporation owning the train just makes the proceedings even more humane. One scene that really caught me off guards was the one on which a veteran rail road employee meets with an unfortunate death trying to stop a 777. The sequence is picturized beautifully. The best part about the movie is that it keeps you on the edge of your seats all through out and the tension just keeps building on you second after second.

Getting to the performances, Denzel stands out as the experienced rail roader and shows the perfect balance of heroics and humanity. His sequences with Chris Pine are very natural and believable more so owing to the fact that both show their vulnerabilities on the family front and also a feeling of disparity owing to their professions.



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