I have been a “THE ROCK” fan ever since his days in wrestling and when he turned to movies for good, I just couldn’t have enough of him. Every Rock movie that comes along comes with a lot of expectations for me. So FASTER was no exception and it didn’t disappoint. This is one taut action adventure joy ride for those who don’t like stylized action but instead prefer it right in the face.

The movie starts off as we are introduced to ‘THE DRIVER”(The Rock) as he makes his way out of the prison. Once out, the driver quickly makes his way to a commercial office where he guns down a person without any fuzz. This killing sets up a series of  events which would lead to the next hour and a half of joy ride.

The driver is hot on the trails of a gang of undercover cops and informant who had mercilessly killed his brother and shot him in the head and left him for dead. Once the initial premise is set up, the movie rolls ahead at a breakneck speed. The matter is further intensified as THE DRIVER is perused by a low on luck cop and a skilled hitman who kills for passion.

The best thing about the movie is its sheer speed and the intense action. There is hardly any stylized violence. The action is pure and raw. The mood of the movie is intense all through out and its only in the last scene that you get to see “The Rock” smirk. The rest of the crew is there and do their part but very much like a Rajnikant vehicle here in India, no one has much to do in  the presence of  THE ROCK. But the fact remains that we hardly miss anyone.

This is easily one of the taut entertainers of late but its mostly for the action junkies. Any one with a subtle sense of beauty and appreciation for the art of movie making would like to skip this one. FASTER is also highly not-recommended for a date movie. I guess no man would like to get branded as a testosterone charged action lunatic..!!!


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