After Life tries to dwell in the happenings after death with a conviction as to it was something which was known to all. The movie is about Anna Taylor(Christiana Ricci), who meets with a fatal accident and ends up as a corpse at a Funeral home. Fortunately for her, the master of the Funeral home Eliot Deacon(Liam Neeson) has the uncanny ability to speak with the dead and help them in their transition from this world on to the next. The only problem is that Anna thinks that its not a transformation. Instead the Funeral Master was trying to bury her alive .

That’s not all. her grief stricken boyfriend, Paul Coleman(Justin Long ) is convinced that Deacon isn’t what he seems and is trying tooth and nails to get into the funeral home and unlock the secrets which is holding him away from the love of his life. but he might be already late as Anna might have made her transition from this world to the next. what remains to be seen is whether Paul makes it on time or is it that he is too late.

First time director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo does provide us with an exciting and interesting take on what could be the possible feelings going through one’s mind at the time  of transformation from the living to the dead. The stages ranging from fear to anger to delight and finally peace are depicted with subtelity and beauty. Never for a moment do we feel that the movie is going over the top. Apart from one little part where we are told that Deacon has a rare ability which allows him to communicate with the dead, the rest of the movie is completely believable.

Speaking of the performances the ensemble cast all do their part to perfection. Not for a second do they go out of their limitation and the limitations of the story. That is what makes this movie even more watchable. Its a good one time watch if you have an hour and a half to spend with nothing to loose.

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  1. baidurjya kashyap says:

    Definitely gonna see now


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