I stumbled upon this little gem quite by chance. Little was said or written about this little gem from John Erik Dowdle but after sitting through this picture I could say with delight that I had not wasted an hour and a half of my life. The premise as ought to be in these kind of movies is simple enough. A group of people from different walks of life are trapped inside an Elevator and curiously enough one of these people is none other than the devil himself. sounds corny right ? I felt the same as well when I first heard the premise but believe me its a lot more entertaining than what it seems like. as the story develops and the layers are peeled off, we come to know that these people trapped inside the elevator are not that dissimilar to each other. The finale is also very well executed and the movie is able to spring a surprise or two every now and then. Every time we feel that we are on to the devil, a new twist or turn comes our way and we are left bewildered.

With the premise of the movie concentrated inside an elevator,  for most part of the runtime, a lot depended on how the ensemble cast faired to breathe life into this vehicle and thats exactly what they have been able to do. Little heard of actors like Chris Messina and Logan Marshall Greene pulled of power-packed performance to further elevate this movie from being an average to a more than enjoyable experience. a lot of the credit should also go to the director who is able to sustain the panic and suspense all throughout the movie. How many times have we seen a movie start of with a bang and then fizzle out in the end? Thanks to our director  here DEVIL is on your face all throughout your experience.

Along with the horror and the suspense we have doses of slight humor also thrown in. So if you are looking for a way to spend one of those lazy afternoons doing anything else but sleeping then you need not look any further.


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