So much has been said and written about The Da Vinci Code that there is very little left unsaid so in this review my emphasis will be primarily on the impact of the movie on me as a person and I will not dwell much into it from the cinematic prospective. As we are well aware, the story starts with the murder of the curator of the Lourve in Paris and a Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon(Tom Hanks) is falsely implicated for the same.  He is saved by an officer Sophie Neviue(Audrey Tautou) who also happens to be the granddaughter of the curator. As Langdon and Neviue dwell into the possible causes of the murder they begin to realize that the curator was a guardian to the secret which his referred to as “the dark con of man” and if revealed could shake the very basis of Christianity.

Right at the onset of the movie it is made clear that the movie is a work of fiction and has got nothing to do with any religion. According to me it was necessary because Dan Brown’s story catches up with the viewer in such a fashion that after a while we start believing what the movie wants us to believe. The drama was so griping and the action was so real that I just felt immersed in this swashbuckling joy ride. As the mystery thickens and the plot introduces more and more characters and their parts of the play, we sink way deep into an extremely absorbing  narrative. The biggest strength of the movie lies in the fact that it depicts fiction in such a life like manner that it ceases to be fiction and becomes our reality. “the mind sees what it wants to see”

The way in which the great renaissance masters are used in the narrative is another noteworthy aspect. The extensive research done by Dan Brown shows in every scene as was with the book. Director Ron Howard is one of my favorite directors. I just loved his earlier works like Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and when it was declared that he would be directing The Da Vinci Code, my expectations rose sky high. Thankfully my expectations have been thoroughly rewarded. The Da Vinci Code is easily one of the most entertaining movies to be released in 2006. I would recommend multiple views to absorb and enjoy the content fully.



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