Source Code turned out to be a surprise package for me as the initial promos and the trailers didn’t put much light on what was coming our way. And finally after seeing it, I was exasperated to say the least. The Film tells the story of captain Colter Stevens(Jake Gyllenhaal) an army pilot who wakes up in the body of a victim on board a train which was bombed near Chicago, killing all the passengers on board. We soon find out that Colter Stevens is part of a top secret government program to find out the bomber of the tragedy.

I will stop the story telling right there as any further I go from herein will only spoil the fun of watching the movie. The movie works wonderfully well on many levels. First and foremost it is not an action thriller which many people might have mistaken it for. Its more of a human drama and the way the story unfolds adds to its beauty. Its really tempting for me to speak a few words about it but I will refrain from it.

Getting to the performances, once again Jake Gyllenhaal proves that Brokeback Mountains was not a shot in the arm. He has been carrying that mojo down to all the movies that have come up since then and that too very convincingly. His act in this movies adds sparkle to a an already wonderful storyline. He is the second in lead for the movie after the story which I think is the real hero. We have come across again and again with same stories being told from different perspectives and yet ending up with the same result. But here we have a refreshingly new story told in the best way possible. Michelle Monaghan playing Christina Warren is a picture of confidence and subtelity. Its very much possible for an actor to overshoot there limits in a project like this but not for once do the leading pair overshoot their boundaries which further elevates the beauty of this movie.

The short runtime of the movie is just apt for the occasion as the viewer’s attention is not lost for even a second. The editing is crisp and special kudos should go to Paul Hirch for maintaining the tension all throughout with his brilliant work. The cinematography by Don Burgess is flawless.Its not easy to capture petite interiors with  aplomb but Don is able to do that with flair. Close up and long-shots are all in place which takes the story telling experience to the next level.

Final Words, an extremely entertaining and thought provoking thriller which is bound to entertain the masses who have a penchant for thoughtful cinema. Its not the one for testosterone charged action freaks but for the ones who like to analyze and take something home from their movie watching experience.


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