Angels and Demons is a prequel to the already popular The Da Vinci Code. It follows the exploits of Professor Robert Langdon(Tom Hanks). The vicar of Christ is dead and the conclave is meeting to decide on who will be the next pope. But suddenly the four candidates for the post are kidnapped by an old enemy who identify themselves as ILLUMINATI. The ILLUMINATI make it clear that they will continue to murder the candidates every hour and finally land the deathblow at midnight which will bring the church to its knees.

Robert Langdon is rushed onto the spot for his expertise in the field. His job is to predict the possible places of execution of the preferiti. After the the initial hiccups with the authorities, Langdon starts getting real close to the killer. The closer he gets, he can’t help but think that he might have got into a situation which was anything but under his control.

Just like The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons is a roller coaster ride which will keep you at the edge of your seat all through out your viewing experience. Though it hasn’t found much appreciation among the critics, but it still remains a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would speak for myself alone on this. I just loved it. I have always loved thrillers which would make the viewer a part of the hunt and thats exactly what it does and that too quite effectively. As Robert Langdon makes his way through the picturesque Vatican City, we are close at his heels watching and even trying to find the wrong doers.

Coming to performances, Tom Hanks is flawless, Evan McGregor plays a restrained character to perfection. Aylet Zurer as Dr. Vetra is passable. The setting is perfect and the chase keeps us so engrossed that we are hardly in a look out for any flaws. It is just a wonderfully entertaining joy ride that we all would like to be a part of. Watch it, enjoy it …!!


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