Madhur Bhandarkar has been one of my favorite directors. His achievements like Fashion, Page 3, Chandni Bar, Corporate and even Traffic Signal have changed the perspective of the Indian audiences towards watching thought provoking movies. I have been in love with the way he develops the narratives and the way he first establishes an environment, brings the characters into that environment, complicates there lives and then solves everything by the end.

His presentation is so convincing that anyone with an eye for thinking cinema would love it. Even though he works with multiple tracks in the storyline, not for a single second does his work feel in-cohesive. So when Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji was declared and the promos were aired, it was evident that it was going to be a light hearted entertainer. Now thats something Madhur Bhandarkar has not churned out as of yet. So I was rather eager to see how the end product would be. I was also excited to find out what social message he was going to put forward this time.

Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji is the story of three men Abby(Imran Hashmi), Naren(Ajay Devgan) and Milind(Omi Vaidya). Abby is a happy go lucky playboy who makes his living at the expenses of his beaus and works as a part time Gym trainer. Naren is a banker who is going through a tumultuous divorce and Milind is a proud virgin who works for a match making website.

The three are brought together by a house which belongs to Naren and the which the other two are renting. The rest of the story revolves around a episode in each of their lives which involves money, women, love and betrayal. The story is nothing that we have not heard of before but what makes it special is Bhandarkar’s treatment of the subject and the refreshing performances of the three leading dudes.

As in all Bhandarkar movies, the story changes track from happiness, to tragedy and then again back to happiness.The twists and turns even though limited are good enough to keep the audience interested. The ladies look pretty and act fair enough. Shruti Hassan in a cameo lights up the screen and adds the much needed oomph factor to the proceedings. The music is soothing though I felt that it could have been much better. The Cinematography was a matter of interest for me as most of the other Bhandarkar movies have been restricted to interiors of board rooms, studios, bars and cabin. But this time with the introduction of foreign locations and some song and dance numbers the proceedings get a shot in the arm.

Having said all that, its still a one time watch. Even though it has all the ingredients of a trademark Bhandarkar fare but it can hardly match up to the genius of his previous creations. I personally feel that the lack of opportunities in the story proved to be his undoing. The shock and the awe factors of its predecessors heavily weigh down on Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji and make it an ordinary fare in comparison to what we have started to expect from Bhandarkar.


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