Many have touted X-Men First Class to be be the best X-Men movie ever and I would fully agree with this people. Its a thoroughly enjoyable ride all throughout and not a soul would disagree with me after they have sat through 2 hours of adrenalin charged, pulse pounding action adventure. Its ironic how we are attracted to the baddies quickly and easily than we are to the good guys and X-Men First Class is evidence enough of that. right from the onset people would take special notice of Erik Lensherr aka Magneto and as I might put it, will like him a tad bit more than Charles Xavier aka Professor X. All throughout the movie, Magneto overpowers Xavier with his sheer screen presence.

The story revolves around the beginning of the X-Men. We see the rise of the X-men as well as the Brotherhood. One led by professor Charles Xavier(James McAvoy) and the other by Michael Fassbender(Magneto). The movie dwells into the beginning of the X-Men and the Brotherhood together under the same roof when teh two men were dear friends. We see the friendship and association of Magneto and Professor X in the midst of a rising crisis which threatens to wipe out humanity. A mutant called Sebastien Shaw threatens to trigger World War 3 and the X-Men are the only hope for saving it. Magneto and Shaw have more than just the mutation in common.

Each of the two main characters are given sufficient screen time and the chance to develop into characters that would make us care for them and finally love and hate them. The visual effects are outstanding and realistic to say the least. When you see this film, you will believe that a submarine can fly. The performances are top notch and apart from the two protagonists and the antagonist, every other ensemble cast members is outstanding and spot on.

If you are looking for some quality entertainment and innovative film-making then go for it .



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