Transformers 2 picks up exactly from where the first installment had left off. Sam is now going to college and the Autobots who had stayed back on earth are now collaborating with the government agency to track down any Decepticons that might be left on earth. But soon the happenings take an ominous turn as a conspiracy to absorb the power of the sun and rejuvenate their planet is unmasked by the Autobots. Sam now has to race against time to find the machine that was built centuries ago by a Decepticon and destroy it before the Decepticons find it.

The matter is further worsened by the return of a old enemy THE FALLEN who can only be killed by a prime. If that was not enough, Optimus Prime dies at the hands of Megatron in the act saving  Sam. Sam must now find a way to resurrect Optimus and save the earth from the Decepticons.

Transformers 2 packs a punch to the already existing fun and fare, but is unable to reach the heights of the first part. The only reason for that I believe is the fact that the shock and awe of the transformation is no longer there. The action sequences are breathtaking and at times unbelievable but we constantly have a feeling of “Deja Vu” which spoils the fun in a strange sort of ways. But thats not taking credit away from  Michele Bay as I found the movie interesting enough to hold my attention for two hours. People who love the genre and were amused by the first installment will have nothing to complain with this one even though they might not experience the shock and awe that they did with the first installment.

Its an entertaining watch to say the least and chances are you will be hooked.


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