Transformers 3 has been one of the most awaited movies of  2011 an boy it does live up to its reputation. Fans of the series know exactly what to expect from this one but strangely enough it is able to deliver a lot more than what was expected of it. To start with the story which has always taken a back seat to the swashbuckling action takes center stage this time. To regard this one as a thriller wont be wrong as there are numerous twists and turns to keep you occupied and guessing.

The story revolves around the discovery of a Cybertronian space craft on the moon which is known to contain a cargo of such an artifact which could decide the fate of a planet. The Autobots and the Decepticons are on a race to retrieve it. Even though the Autobots are successful in retrieving the artifact, its not enough to thwart the Decepticons who have a larger plan afoot.

Sam has graduated from college and is in look out for a job when his job at a renowned company once again lands him in the thick of the action with the Autobots and their leader, Optimus Prime. Megan Fox is replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Sam’s love interest and she looks stunning on screen. Her chemistry with Shia Lobeuf is evident in every scene they share. Sam’s parents make a brief appearance to fill up the void and so does Agent Simmons who has very less to do this time.

The action is much lesser as compared to the first two installments and that actually helps to make it an even more engrossing fare. The action sequences are beautifully orchestrated and this time special attention has been given to ensure that the audience is able to comprehend exactly what is being done on screen. This was a major problem with the first two installments where when two robots were in a hand to hand combat very little could be understood. This time the action sequences are arranged in such a fashion that there is hardly a screw that you will miss. The final fight between Optimus and Sentinel is in itself worth the price of admission. To me it is the single most beautifully filmed action sequence between two robots on the silver screen.

The Background score though was a let down and could not match up to the “new divide” from Linkin Park which became the hallmark of Transformers 2. Overall it is one of those summer blockbusters which you cannot miss. So go for it and have a blast.


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