Haunting in Connecticut tells the terrifying true story of Matt Campbell a teenager with terminal cancer and his tryst with a horrifying destiny. Matt was undergoing treatment for canser at a hospital in Connecticut. As it was a far way from home, his mother decides to rwnt a property at Connecticut which would make their visit to the hospital a little more easy. The house they rent is huge and comes at an extremely low rent. So the mother decides to rent it. Its not that she is not aware of the horrifying past of the house just that she decides not to believe it.

Once the family shifts, ominous happenings take place every day which makes them question the very reals of the reality. It is as though the house comes to life. Soon the family find out that the house was not only a funeral home but also a place where an ecsentic undertaker carried out his experiments on helpless souls using a boy as a medium.

I checked out about the facts mentioned in this movie and was shocked to find out that most of it actually add up. whatever is depicted here can be found on the net and the Campbell family stands by body and soul about the happenings at the Aickman house.

Now, lets get to the details. Please be aware since this movie is based on reality the horror and spook factor is less as compared to some other scary films. Even though this movie is less on the scary part, the story packs a punch. The film keeps you engrossed all throughout and there is hardly any dull moment. The ambience is perfectly created with the correct amount of lighting, sound and visceral images.

Coming to the performences, Kyle Gallner plays Matt Campbell to perfection. His depiction of a dying cancer patient is believeable. The way he deals with the haunting is amazing. Virginia Madsen plays the stout mother well. The rest of the cast also do their parts well.

If you are looking for a thinking horror movie with some hint of reality this is the one for you. enjoy it.



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