if movies were suppose to entertain alone, then HOT FUZZ would get an oscar but unfortunately movies are suppose to entertain and enlighten and hence HOT FUZZ has to remain content with a 7.9 rating out of 10 at IMDB.

Edgar wright creates a thoroughly entertaining and hillariously funny tale of two LONDON Cops who are as different from each other as David and Goliath. PC Nicolas Angle(Simon Pegg) is promoted to sergent and sent to a village called Sanford as he is making the Metropolitan Police department look bad with his faultless performence. Angle accepts the offer and arrives at Sanford only to be taken into a monotonous and boring days of duty without any happenings and partnered with a PC Danny Butterman(Nick Frost), who is hell bent on testing Angle’s nerve and also his resolve to remain non violent as long as possible in the line of duty. But soon the pair stuble upon a chain of events which reveal that there might be some trouble afoot in the village where there have no murders in the past 6 years.

This movie is so high on the entertainment quotient that the audience hardly notices anything else. The the sheer power of the screenplay. we gleefully belive the most unbelieveable stuff and yet never ask a single question. The comedy is packed with knockout punches and the timing is amazing.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost suit their roles to the optimum. Nick Frost especially is adorable. they are carrying in their chemistry from SHAUN OF THE DEAD and its evident in every scene they are together.

HOT FUZZ  is amazingly entertaining and hillariously funny. For those looking for escapist entertainment, its a great choice.



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