Kim soo-hyeon is a cop who has a loving girlfriend and they are expecting their first child. But one fateful night all their dreams are shattered when Kim’s girlfriend is brutally murdered and decapitated by Kyung chul a murdering psycopath. Enraged and devastated Kim seeks out revenge and is soon face to face with Chul. But he decides on making his revenge a tad bit sweeter by haunting chul’s every step and making him suffer beyond recognition. Once the basic premise is set up the movie takes us into an insane world of a psychopath and his equally gruesome tormentor.

It is one of those movies which you would not like to watch after a meal or with your girlfriend or with your family. Its for your eyes only. Its brutal, its gruesome and its provocative in every possible way. The depiction of both the oppressor and the oppressed is at such a thin line that the two often switch over sides. The violence is graphic and brutal in every possible way. I haven’t seen anything like it in the recent times. The Korean film industry has a habit of springing surprises. They enthralled us with Oldboy, they surprised us with Gwoemul, they made us think with Tai Guk and now they have delivers a sucker punch in the form of I Saw The Devil.

Byung-hun Lee as Kim is breathtaking. In his scenes with Chul you can actually see his hatred and disgust at the same time a regret for his loss in his own eyes. As he goes on torturing Chul, tears roll down his cheek which give a hint of satisfaction at the same time a ting of remorse. Its something which can be only felt and cant be explained in words.

Min-sik Choi of the Oldboy fame as Chul is unbelievable . He suits the role with such aplomb that it gives the feeling that he was actually a murdering psychopath. In his scenes with Kim, he shows no signs of remorse or fear which Kim is looking for and this makes the encounter even more exciting. We as audiences wait for him to get frightened which doesn’t happen till the very end. This fact sustains the drama of the film till the finale.

Final Words….An an exasperating experience. If you are a fan of the genre and even if you are not this is a worthy watch. But remember not to take the underage and yes you can skip the popcorn this time…..It might not be a good idea owing to the contents of the film.

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  1. nayeema says:

    its really a terrified movie.. i flt lk bomittng.. i cdnt wtch d whole movie s its vry brutal..so read ur blog to kno d whle story..wt hppnd at d end..dts all


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