Jason Statham in a still

An extremely entertaining film which will be loved by one and all. A word of caution. Owing to the explicit content involving sensuality and sexuality it is advisable that we keep it out of the reach of the minors. For the rest, it’s good to go.

The story revolves around a thief Terry(Jason Statham), who is looking for that one job that will get him to the big league and save him from his daily drudgery. He lands up with that job when he is contacted by Martine Love( Burrows), who offers him to rob a bank’s safety vault as its security system will be down. Terry accepts the offer after much deliberation and everything looks to be going according to plan but soon enough he realizes that he might have just opened the pandora’s box and jumped into a predicament that he is ill-fitted to deal with. The plot involves coverups, government conspiracy, murder et all and moves at a breakneck pace.

Its a typically racy British thriller and chances are any thinking audience will be hooked. The best part about the movie is that the balance keeps swinging from one side to another and that’s what keeps us engrossed throughout the runtime. The action, though slow to start with, gets relentless and exciting as we draw closer to the end. The sudden twists and turns and the loss of a few key characters will give you a jolt that you do not see coming. The only problem is with the spoken language. As the movie remains faithful to British English and the colloquial lingo, it might be a little hard for some to comprehend. But with multiple views, it should not be a problem. I  saw this movie thrice to sink in all the content and beauty and I easily watch it a few times more without getting bored.

All the performances are top-notch. Burrows stands out as one hell of an attractive distraction. Statham is his usual cool self and packs a punch with ease and elan. Peter Dey Jersey as Michele X is a revelation. Overall, The Bank Job is an extremely entertaining watch but might require multiple viewings to sink in fully and appreciate.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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