Liam Neeson dons the role of a retired Operative Brian in this Perrier Morrel directed fast paced action thriller. Brian is a retired Operative who has given up his career to get close to his seventeen year old daughter Kim(Maggie Grace). Kim is keen on following a band on their trip across Europe and Brian is apprehensive about it to start with but on persuasion he agrees to send her. But as fate would have it, she is kidnapped by a gang of ruthless flesh traders and its left up to Brian to use his skills and expertise acquired over the years of service to save his daughter before she fades into oblivion.

Taken is a solid action packed adventure with no holes barred. Liam Neeson is the best bet for a role like this. He looks the age and emotes in a restrained fashion which makes his actions very believable. The action is realistic and on your face and most importantly, the story never takes a back seat to the action.

Perrier Morrel has a name for scripting tout action packed no-nonsense thriller and thats what it is. This is one of the most closely packed thriller with crisp editing and highly charged emotions. It will be an enjoyable watch for anyone.



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