In the year 2023 the Reaper Virus tears its way through the whole of Scotland killing thousand and the those who are left alive are left with no choice but to feed on each other. The Government creates a fortified fence all across the affected area trapping everyone inside without any hope for survival. They think that they have contained the virus but it makes its appearance soon enough on the streets of London. The government agencies reveal a bizarre fact that there were still survivors in the streets of Glasgow after twenty years of the outbreak of the Reaper Virus. This draws attention to the fact that there might be a cure which might have been discovered within the walls of seclusion. A team is organized and dispatched across the walls to find a Doctor who might have revolutionized the cure and get back with the cure within 48 hours. Once across the wall, the team has to content with with the marauding savages left out as a result of the epidemic and also an elusive doctor who has created a cavalry of his own to continue with a rein.

Doomsday is no different form other post apocalyptic thrillers that we have com across in the past. Its a repetition of the same blood and gore, the same chases and explosions and finale but here we have just one difference. The protagonist Sinclair(Rhona Mitra) is scintillating as the gun totting, high flying Major who is on a dual quest of finding the cure as well as her past. Rhona is just perfect for a role like this and her hard and cardboard expressions add to the charm of her character. She looks near perfect in the action sequences and her intrigues with Bob Hoskin’s is a delight to watch.

Neil Marshall has a reputation for dishing our authoritative fare with very little room for any complains and as a one time watch Dooms Day will leave very little to be desired off. Its near perfect to look at at first but once done with the initial screening it becomes an ordinary fare and thats when you start to look it at its flaws like predictability, repetition and the feel of Deja Vu.


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