3993_posterUnbreakable is a delightful thriller which is in keeping with M. Knight Shyamalan’s previous achievement The Sixth Sense. I was totally bowled over by its sheer power. Its not everyday that we come across a movie like this and that is what works best for us in this case. David Dunn(Bruce Willis) is a security personnel working at a stadium in Philadelphia. His marriage is in dire state and there is every likelihood that it will not work out. His son is the only saving grace and connection to the world that he has. On a journey, the train that David is traveling in, meets with an accident killing every one on board except David who escapes without a single scratch. Soon after, he receives a card on the windshield of his car from LIMITED EDITION and a person called Elija Prince(Samuel L Jackson). Elija offers David a possible answer to his miraculous escape and also a broader look at the prospective through which he should see the world. David starts to believe that he might be a superhero with the task of saving the world from atrocities and Elija does his best to authenticate his beliefs.

Its a thought provoking film which will make you think and find your way through the narrative. It will not give up everything but instead seam you into the unbreakable_feat2narrative and make you walk the walk through the intricate screenplay. Everyone will have something or the other to take away from this gem. Shyamalan has ensured that everyone watching this has to put his or her intellect behind the narrative. He leaves a lot to be answered and the answers to those questions actually lie in the narrative itself. Its just for you to unlock. A person might come up with conflicting answers to the questions that he might ask himself after seeing this picture and that’s only natural.

still-of-samuel-l.-jackson-and-bruce-willis-in-unbreakable-(2000)-large-pictureThe fact remains that this movie works wonders for the sole reason that it make the audience the a part of the narrative and never for once lets go of your attention. M Night Shyamalan’s achievement as a director cannot be questioned but I earnestly believe that he peaked his form as a director with this film. The film is made special by the unique performances of two highly underrated actors.  While Bruce Willis turns in one of the most spectacular performances of his career, Samuel L Jackson is oozes greatness of his own. Their dialogs are strangely the most entertaining bits of the film. the director uses long shots, medium shots, close ups and every other trick in the book to add a dash of charm to these sequences. However, the performances by the two seasoned actors are enough to hold on to our attention.

The background score of the film elevates the mood of the film in innumerable moments. I would only like to sight the sequence in the climax, whenubl2 David is rescued by two little kids from drowning and then he subsequently saves them by fighting off the adversary. All he does is strangle the man, but the way the background score rises really gets to you and you are cheering the man out of your guts. Like I mentioned before the film’s cinematography leaves nothing to be desired. The film is tightly edited which gives it the edgy runtime that it has. a film like this cannot be allowed to stretch too much for then it looses your attention.  The director is fully aware of that and he does what it takes to ensure that he looses nothing. it would be wrong to give up the climax, but I just cannot help but say that the film takes away everything that it had given you in a flash in the climax. That’s also the reason why many, like me, just loved it and many hated it with their guts. All said and done, the climax to me was the most befitting and I couldn’t see this film having any other end, period!

Unbreakable is a superhero film. Its a film about superman. Its a film about what if superman existed for real and he didn’t know that he was superman? A smashing dram from M. Night Shyamalan which will sweep you off your feet and raise you up in its arms.


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