Jennifer Marsh(Diane Lane) is an analyst working for the Cyber Crime Division of FBI. The FBI receives a tip to a site called the KILLWITH ME.COM. At first everyone shrugs it off as a one of the many wretched snuff films sites out there on the net but soon the site starts broadcasting murder of people who are not so unfamiliar. Now its left up to Marsh and her team of analysts to track down this criminal but the only hurdle in their path lies in the fact that the site is completely untraceable.

Its a nice little thriller which will keep you guessing and has the right amount of gore and violence which will keep the lovers of the genre hooked. That might not be the case with the family audiences who might just be a tad bit offended by the violence and gore on display. The thrills are in the place and the technical jargons are kept to a bare minimum which wont let the casual viewers feel left out without any knowledge of what was happening.The film has well fleshed out characters and draws our attention to a very important fact of the human nature. We are totally oblivious of the the basic morale responsibilities which we share with our fellow beings in this society.

The killer in this movie creates a site which he uses to lure other users to come and view and in turns help him kill the men who are being tortured. The fact of the matter is the more people view this site the more quickly the victim is murdered. Even after repeated announcements for the viewers to stay away from it, the number of visitors keep going up and up. This fact is a bare testimony to the sadistic voyeuristic nature of our society which has come to grip one and all with the advent of the internet and World Wide Web. Its probably one of the greatest evils to have sprawled out of this revolution. Special Kudos to the director for addressing such a sensitive issue with aplomb and not faltering even for once.

But the fact remains that this is a one time watch. once you know the outcome there remains no more re-see value for this movie as is the case with most thrillers. So nothing much to complain in this regard. It is a decent enough one time watch which will leave you satisfied.


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