If you are in a bad mood and want to get out of it. This is the one for you. As is the case with almost all other Simon Pegg- Nick Frost starers this one is extremely entertaining and above all Hilarious. What I liked best about it was the fact that it never for once tries to overdo itself. The comedy is not on your face like some other capers out there. Its very subdued and for the thinking audience to understand and enjoy. Extraterrestrial is one genre which has been done to death but Paul takes a refreshing new look at the genre and shows us that there might still be a lot to be done. How many of us could have thought of an alien called Paul who has a profane mouth and a wicked sense of humor. One who heals creatures just to eat it up in the very next moment. Awesome is the only word I have for this one.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are two comic buffs and writers who are on a trip to USA for attending the  Comic Con. They decide to top it up with a visit to all the sites known for alien sighting. Its just by happenstance that they meet Paul an ET who has escaped from the government agencies who have been holding him and is on his way back to his planet. Paul convinces the duo to drive him on to his pick up site. What happens on the way is one for the record books. You will roll out on the floor laughing. Nick and Simon are supreme but the show is stolen by the ET , PAUL for most of the part.

This is one hell of a movie to cheer up some one and a near perfect summer blockbuster. See it, enjoy it ….love it.


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