Pyaar Ka Punchnama comes to us as a treaty of life in itself. though it deals with only a small part of it namely unrequited love yet it does that so wonderfully well that we are left spellbound. Frankly speaking I had absolutely zero expectation from this one and would not have even given it a try had a friend not said great things about it. Now after having sat through it All I can say is that I will be watching it many times more.

Let me start by saying this that this film is aimed at the youth and the younger masses and it might not have global appeal. The theme and the happenings are also related strictly to the Indian society and some of it might seem stupid to our overseas audiences but believe me people…This is exactly what happens in India. It may have been exaggerated a tad bit, but it remains faithful to reality for most of the parts.

The story dwells with the love lives of three dudes or should I say three categories of Indian males. Rayyo(Vikrant), Kartikeya(Rajat) and Divyendu(Nishant aka Liquid). Vikrant is the ultra cool hip dude who characterizes the USERS of our Genx, Rajat is the innocent and adorable LOVER while Nishant is the LOOSER who has never laid hands on  any girl in  his life. Enter the three beaus in their lives and soon things go haywire. Rajat moves into a live-in-relationship which teaches him that a HAPPY WOMAN IS A MYTH. Vikrant toggles between being a friend, love interest and again friend and finally nothing while Nishant has the worst experience of being  a nothing yet losing up both money and peace.

Every scene in this movie delivers reality like never before in this sphere even though it is exaggerated a tad bit. Not to sound like a betrayed individual, I could almost relate many of the dialogs to what I had heard before and expect to hear in the future. We always know whats on the horizon yet we are hardly able to do anything about it. Thats the truth and thats what Pyaar Ka Punchnama is all about. Through out the viewing you will constantly feel that you have heard what is being said, seen what is being shown. The betrayals though shocking are a part of the men’s life and the portrayal here is life like and believable.

The more I praise this movie, the lesser it seems. The gags are hilarious. There is a ten minute monolog by Kartikeya after he has a fight with his girl which alone is worth the price of the admission. The climax is awesome and it reminds us of the fact that there is always hope. I don’t want to sound like a chauvinist but this movie speaks of the male side of the unrequited love. I am sure there is a woman’s side to it as well but lets just say this is not it. so people who go for it should be prepared to take a one sided onslaught. here the girls are the villains and if you are cool with that then this will probably be one of the most worthwhile watch that you have had since 3 idiots and Rajneeti.

A great achievement in every sense of the term. This is for us people so go for it…..enjoy it and think about it.



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