Singam is a perfect example of how a smashing performance can lift up a done to death theme and yet breathe life into the proceedings. Police stories have come in thick and fast and have disappeared even faster but this is different. Its not only about the action and the relentless war-mongering but about a soulful performance of one man who breathes fire all throughout and we are stuck with it.

Dhurai Singam(Surya) is a police officer in a small village called Naloor where everyone knows everyone. He is the local hero and bashes up baddies at the slightest of instigation. In comes Mayilvaganam(Prakash Raj), who rules the Chennai underworld and runs a extortion racket. The two cross each others path and Singam insults Mayilvaganam rather unceremoniously. Enraged at his insult, Mayilvaganam gets Singam promoted and transferred out of Naloor and his comfort zone to teach him a lesson. The rest of the movie centers around the apathy that weather Singam will hold true to his name or wield infront of the collosal power of evil.

This is a typical south indian fare with a larger than life hero and an equally larger than life villain. You see the hero beat up 50 people at one go. gets the girl with the wink of an eye and brings the villain down on his knee at one go. It is the kind of fare which will bring you out of your dull mood and make you stand up and whistle. The reason behind its success is our apathy. we come across many situations in life where we also want to be a Singam and act with fists but the laws of the land bind our hands. Here the viewer gets a chance to get into the skin of Singam and see his dreams take real shape. This si a perfect example of an escapist entertainment and boy it delivers.

Coming to the performances, Surya as Durai Singam is flawless. With is handlebar moustach, he is Singam personified. i cant think of anyone else playing Singam other than him. The same can be said about Prakash Raj. His Mayilvaganam is both wicked and endearing at the same time. i specially enjoyed the scene where he is insulted by Singam in Naloor.

Singam is a fast paced racy action adventure which will work well for all viewers looking for escapist entertainment.



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