A political thriller which is both entertaining and enlightning at the same point of time. I had heard a lot of this movie before I actually got to see it and most of it was positive reviews. So that garnered my attention for this one.

The story revolves around a flamboyant Photo journalist jeeva who is hot on heels of most wrong doers in the city which includes the likes of bank robbers, politicians, rowdies etc. He has two glam dolls in office to reckon with as well. As the time of election draws near the political parties set out to woo their supporters and to garner new supporters. Jeeva’s camera wrecks havoc all through out their polical campaign as he spots leaders and their party workers in the most unceremonious of situation and thursts them out on the front page. Soon it becomes evident that the state will have a new CM in Vasantha(Ajmal Ameer), whose selfless service, radicle thoughts and squeky clean pictures make him an obvious choice. Once Vasantha becomes the CM, the happenings take a sharp turn and all that seemed too obvious starts to seem less obvious and more ominous.

This is a thoroughly entertaing fare. There hardly is a single dull moment in the almost 3 hour runtime. The only onus was on the unnecessary songs. I felt that if the songs could be played as background score and the elborate dance routine could be avoided, this would make the screenplay near perfect. Also the number of songs could be cut down. They were a real downer.

The performences were all apt for the occasion. Ajmal Ameer and Jeeva standout as expected. From the direction point of view we couldnt have asked for more from a summer blockbuster. Its an overwhelmingly entertaining and clean fare which the family audiences will love. It has the right balance of action, romance, drama and thrills to keep you glued to your seats.



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