At first viewing I could barely sit through this movie. In the second viewing I kinda Liked it… the fifth viewing I fell in Love with it. Its just like love. You never know when you fall in it. And then it grows in you and then a time comes when you think how you ever lived without it. It might seem like a usual sex-charged so called romantic pot-boiler but if one looks closely into t , its bound to raise some serious emotions and thoughts for that matter. Its a documentation of the fact that love happens at the most unexpected of places and to people who are least prone to it but when it happens it does change you for good and sometimes even for bad…!!

Jamie(Jake Gyllenhall) is a happy go lucky guy who has just joined Pfizer as a Medical Representative and is planning on making it  big. he has a chance encounter with Maggie(Anne Hathaway) and the two start off a adrenalin charged relation deciding to keep it strictly physical but soon realize that they share more than that. Jamie becomes hell bent on helping Maggie who has been diagnosed with Parkinson while Maggie tries her best to get rid of him thinking that her ailment was coming in the way of Jamie and success. Little do the couple realise that in doing their part they were actually fullfilling the basic and foremost requirement of love in any form”SELFLESSNESS”.

This is a delightfully scripted heartwarming romantic saga which will make a few eyes wet.  The climax is so beautifully filmed that it even made me feel weak in my knees. but to be able to enjoy this fare one has to be open and let the screenplay dictate his mind. You need to completely let this movie get hold of you. Love indeed is a strange thing. One moment we are living our lives and the very next we are thinking how did we ever live without it….!!!

Kudos to the director for pulling off such a terrific tale. The music deserves special praise for its soothing and beautiful. The little piece in the climax really caught hold of my heart. I played it in a loop for several times before i said my night’s prayers. i believe it will have the same effect on most of you. The climax in itself is worth the price of the admission. This is a perfect date movie….!!! Go for it….



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