I was impressed with JJ Abrams ever since i laid eyes on Lost and then his directorial debut Mission Impossible 3, which I think was the second best in the trilogy after part 2. So when I heard that Abrams would helm this sci-fi project and Spielberg would produce it, my expectations soared ski-high. Its under such lavish expectations that we often see many projects get undermined but thankfully not this one.

Super 8 tells the story of a group of kids who are filming  a movie in their summer break. Its during the shooting that one fateful night they witness a train crash propelled by a car which is driven by one of their teachers. The witness something escape from the train wreck but don’t know what. They are warned by their teacher not to tell anyone that they were witness to the crash as that would put their lives in imminent danger. The kids keep quite but are unable to avoid the strange happenings around the town since then and are pulled into the thick of the action when one of their mates is abducted.

This movie works wonderfully in many spheres. The first being its a clean family entertainer. Secondly its environment as an errie resemblance to ET. Its extremely entertaining, fast paced and the culmination doesn’t leave any unanswered questions, which seems to be the problem nowadays.Once the viewer sits through the initial ten fifteen minutes, chances are you will be hooked. There are a few subplots working in tandem to the story line. None of it is under cooked or overcooked. Abrams does justice to all the characters and they are given sufficient importance. having said that, it would be wise to add that the biggest star here is the story in itself. It keeps you guessing all throughout and there in lies the true power of the movie. Each sequence is carefully crafted leading up to the climax which  is beautifully fetched and the culmination is just apt for the occasion. I desperately want to go a little detail into the story but that would only spoil the fun of viewing. So I would highly recommend this one for all those who are looking for some beautifully filmed clean and interesting family entertainment.



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