Based on Anthony Burgess’ novel, A Clockwork Orange stirred up the kind of controversy that very few movies have ever been able to. The depiction of what is refered to as UltraViolence by the protagonist Alexander De Large(Malcom MacDowell) was too much for many to digest and it was Stanley Kubrick who faced the burn of their wrath. The Movie was scrapped down from many theaters in Britain and some other European countries. Kubricks family lived in fear and he was held responsible for acts of hooliganism and vandalism which followed, Post release of the movie. Having said all that A Clockwork Orange still remains a piece of art and it will always be.

The story revolves around Alexander Delarge and his gang of vicious hoodlums who wreck havoc accross the city in a futuristic Britain. Alex is the leader of the group because of his intellectual and physical superiority. This fact is not well recieved by his gang members who plot and leave Alex in a helpless situation during one of their exploits. Alex lands up in prison for 14 years on charges of murder. He is desperate to get out and seizes a chance to do so when he learns about a undertrial treatment whoch is designed to cure vicious hoodlums like him and transform their violent traits. Alex is transfered to the Ludovigo Facility where his treatment begins and also his real punishment.

As I might, put it this movie, as is the case with all other Stanley Kubrick fare was way ahead of its time. Yet that didnt staop the people from seeing beauty in its poetic cinematography, art design or as a matter of fact the breattaking performences. Malcom MacDowell delivers a career changing performence as Alex. The change in the nature of the charecter from evil to good and then again back to evil is outstanding. I cannot imagine anyone else playing Alex and that in itself is the actors greatest victory.

A movie like this doesnt belong to an age or a period of time but traces its root to a chain of thoughts beliefs and action that we might have persued if the laws of land didnt exist. There is an Alex in every one of us but the fact remains we tend to keep him forgotten. Its in the nature of the humans to believe that we are in control when the fact is , beneath our polished appearences, we are totally out of control.



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