When I saw the opening credits for this movie I knew instantly that anything could happen in this movie and that actually turned out to be true. This is the crazziest movie I have seen iin my entire life. I have seen loads of movies probably thousands of them but none of them was as nearly as crazy as this one. All throughout the screening i had a grin on my face and a gaped mouth wondering at the utter nonsense that was on display but the nonsense was filmed with such conviction and flair that this movies grows into you and becomes an instant hit. This is one for the record books and not everyday you will come across a sbject like this and it is the sheer directing prowess of Stanley Kubrick which makes this nonsensial fair into a masterpiece which will be dwelled upon again and again for its beauty and utter lack of sense.

The story revolves around a freak General in the stretegic Air Command who orders a nuclear attack on Russia. He closes out all doors for a possible retrievel. when the russians are made aware of it they reveal the existense of a annihilating doomsday device which will finish off the whole world if its triggered by the nuke attacks launched unintentionally by the US. The rest of the movie is one mindless chase to stop the planes from dropping the nuke.

This movie was lambasted by the US and UK alike sighting that the Ruskies could not have thought of a better propaganda than this one. Then even went to the extent of saying that Stanley Kubrick should be harmed physically. This fact alone proves the kind of power Stanley had on this medium and how important an achievement Dr. Strangelove is.

Peter Sellers potrays a crippled German Dr. Strangelove, who address the president of the US as “My Fuherer”, the president of the US and a Group captain Lionel Mandrake at the same time. George C Scott enacts a General Turgidson who is hell bent on carrying on with the nuke attacks as he feels that offense is the best defence. I believe this is Peter Sellers comic and heroic best. I loved every bit of it. There is a scene where Mandrake calls up the president from a pay phone breaking in on change from a coca cola machine. Its insanely funny. People you need to see this to believe it. Give it a go whenever you have a chance.


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