This is the movie that brought Stanley Kubrick to the notice of the hollywood. Its probably the most real and honest war films till date. Unlike most hollywood fare which deals with WWII, Paths of Glory deals with WWI. The story revolves around a colonel Dax(Kirk Douglas) and his regiment who are ordered to achieve an impossible objective called the ANT HILL. When the Regiment looses out on the objective, the General orders 3 men from the regiment to be tried for court martial under the chrges of cowardice and shot to death. Colonel Dax who is ravaged by this unjust accusition takes to defending the three men as their counsel.

The movie starts out as a onslaught and gradually turns into a courtroom drama with such finesse that one would hardly feel any bump in the change of the happenings. The whole story is revealed from a first person prospective which makes it that much more compelling. Kirk Douglas gives a spellbinding performence as a battered Colonel who is not only brave but also virtuous. His discussions and arguments with General Mieura aand the courtroom scenes are worth the price of admission. I especially enjoyed the scene where he forces a lieutenant to stand as guard for the executions who had falsely implicated one of the men.

Stupendious direction from Kubrick and enthralling performences makes this one a must watch.



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