Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s bestselling Novel is another cracker of a movie. I saw this movie long back and even though I enjoyed it quite a bit, I guess I was not mature enough to fully understand its contents and so I revisted it a few days back and I enjoyed it more than I had ever done before. This is the beauty about all Stanley Kubrick movies. You can visit them and revissit them and yet everytime you come out with something new which you had not seen or felt before. As for Shinning, I gurantee that anyone with the patience to sit through a two hour plus runtime will take home an invigorating movie watching experience. Stanley has actually revitalised the horror genre in his own way.

Jack Torrence(Jack Nicholson) is appointed as the caretaker of the OverLook Hotel in Denver for the Winter. he moves in with his family comprising of his Wife Wendy(Shelly Duvall) and Son Doc. Once the staff leave and the seclusion of the place sets in, the family starts encountering paranormal activies as the patriach of  family slowly slips into a cabin fever and soon becomes hell bent on killing his son and Wife for the betterment of the hotel.

The basic premise is simple enough and its not something which we havenet heard before but what makes the Shining so special is again the performences and above all the treatment of the subject by the director. In the hands of a lesser director, The Shinning would be an ordinary fair but with Kubrick at the helm, the picture pesents itself as whole new bucket of  possiblities.



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