When Full Metal Jacket came out, there was a large number of Vietnam movie already out and some of them were actually critical and commercial successes. In such a time, there were offcourse some shreads of doubts and concern over its commercial success but once the movie was screened, that was all washed off.

As is the case with all other Stanley Kubrick movie, this was a ride into the realms of human nature and more so the destructive nature of war were always the first casualty is the Human Innosense.

Full Metal Jacket happens in two parts, first half deals with the training of the recruits were we are introduced to the ensemble cast including our protagonist Private Jocker. This half takes us through the mentally and physically exhaustive trainning which every recruit has to go through and its effects on the individuals.

The next half swooshes us straight to Vietnam where we spend a day with the protagonist and his company and see what they see and feel what they feel. Stanley Kubricks second attempt at millitary stuff is much more authoratative and real. At some time you feel as though you are watching a documentary and thats not saying the mmovie is not interesting. Its takes us deep into the psyche of the individuals who find themselves in such horrifying circumstances in the  company of their brother at arms and death. We how men smile and chat and faight and die and how in a matter od seconds a living individual becomes history and the men have no option but to move on instantaneously.

Full Metal Jacket is the reason why we still go to the cinema and feel good about it. Its not merely a movie but a piece in time which is preserved with all the care to remind us of our past and the lessons that we need to take from it.


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