Rohit Shetty has been one of my favorite director ever since I saw Zameen. He has delighted me and audiences alike all across this country.With his Golmaal trilogy and All The Best he has made us laugh like never before. And now he hits us with the remake of the Tamil Superhit Singam starring Surya in the title role.

Ajay Devgan reprises the role of BajiRao Singham an honest cop who fights for the helpless in a distant village of Shivgadh near GOA. Its a chance encounter with Jaikant Shikre(Prakash Raj) which brings him face to face with his nemesis. with his hurt ego, Jaikant Shikre gets Singham transferred to GOA where he can insult him to his heart’s delight. But Singham has other plans for him.

Its an out and out no mind and no holes barred action crapper. Everyone will love it. Wheather or not you are a lover of the genre this movie will get you on a high, simply because of the fact that the protagonist here does what we always dream of doing. Its through BakiRao Singham that our unfulfilled dreams come true on the celluloid and thats exactly what plays to our senses.

Ajay Devgan is a livewire as usual but Prakash Raj as Jaikant Shikre is endearing and hateful at the same time. His actions will make you roll out in laughter. He played the antagonist “Mailvaganam” in the the tamil version as well but i dare say this that his act here is an improvement.

Go ahead watch it with you mind closed and your senses open.


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