Ever since Pokiri, Puri Jagannadh has been a talked about and sort after director down south and it was only a matter of time before he made his forray into bollywood. And he does so with BHTB and in grand style. To speak about BHTB, i have to call it a Telugu film at heart which is made with a bollywoodish style and flavour. It marks the return of BIG B into the genre which he had ruled for over two decades. BHTB tells the story of Vijju(Big B)  a suave and charming sharpshooter who is called out of retirement for the execution of one last job which will settle his life once and for all. But for Vijju who has seen the upheaval of Mumbai Underworld and Mafia alike the final task turns out to be quite a handful as he is faces with Kabir Bhai( Prakash Raj) who is just as cunning as he is ruthless.

Jagannadh puts in every possible Masala that one can think of from action to thrills to Special appearance of Hema Malini and Raveena Tandon to it see BHTB through. With a sparkling performance from the BIG B BHTB does work out. But one has to accept it for what it is. A mindless action comedy joyride where everything is possible for the protagonist. You accept it on that basis or give it a drop. BIG B huffs and puffs, woos girls, dances to his heart’s delight and curves bullets as Angelina Jolie of wanted never could and finally shares a tender moment with Hema Malini. what more could one ask for. The sheer persona and charisma of  B along with the urge to see him in such an avtar is enough to bring the audiences to the theaters. The endearing Prakash Raj is back to his histrionics. The Bollywood audience is beginning to love him now.

Technically BHTB is polished. The action sequences are well filmed and will not draw your attention to the bumps of the BIG B owing to his age. The sequences are stylized and slowed down. The music is passable and the cinematography is just apt. Overall a worthy watch with a few bumps here and there.



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