When Ragini MMS was released I hardly got a chance to see it because all the theaters were running packed and I had to return empty handed twice and on a third occasion I settled for FAST FIVE. I had read mostly positive reviews of it but every one of my friends  who had seen it lambasted it for they believed it neither had enough spook factor nor enough titillation as it boasted of. When I finaly got to see it, I must say that I have to disagree with my friends. Ragini MMS is  worth a watch.

The story inspired by true events as it boasts of being takes us to the world of Ragini and Uday who set out to spend the weekend at a friend isolated farmhouse. Uday has a hidden agenda of filming their make out sessions which his plans to use as a price for moving ahead in life and career. Once in house,  the couple quickly realize that they are not alone . what follows is a terrifying tale of horror and on your face gore.

Let me start by saying this , Ragini MMS is very much believable and this is what makes it creepy and scary. The whole film is shot prom first person perspectives. If looked at intently you will find that the camera sees what the eyes of Ragini, Uday and the supernatural see and then there is the perspective of the user. A great example is the scene which Ragini playfully runs into the bathroom and locks the door. The door thuds Ragini holds on to it thinking Uday is pulling at it. But in the very next cut we get to see that there is no one else on the other side of  the door. There are plenty of gems like this one all throughout the screenplay and you have to be very attentive not to miss any.

Coming to the horror and the Titillation factor, there is enough of both as far as the indian audiences re concerned. Moreover the horror and titillation work best when something is left unseen and for the mind to work on its own and thats exactly whats done in this case. The direction is top notch. the innovative use of handheld cameras, use of atmospheric sounds and the spot on editing elevates the the movie tremendously. Also the short run time works wonders for us. a great spooky entertainer which will be a perfect late night horror watch but you might like to keep the kids out of this one.



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