I would be honest with my readers that even though I belong to a family that calls itself Bengali, I have till today watched no more than 5 movies begali films. The simple reason for thhis neglect could be sighted to the utter lack of interest. Bengali movies just never grabbed my immagination may be because of the subject matters which I hardly found interesting. That was till I watched ANTAHEEN. I was hooked. The story takes us to the world of Abhik(Rahul Bose) an upright cop who has lost all taste of  so called relations and finds his solace in a chatroom where he finds Brinda(Radhika Apte) . Soon the two start to realise that they have more in common than the chatroom but luck has something else in store for the couple.

Antaheen is a beautiful drama which will be endearing to anyone who has a taste for stories from real life. There is nothing pathbreaking about it but there is something in it which will make you smile think and even cry with its charecters. Its reminds us that when fights and quarrels take us away from our near and dear ones it is then that we realise their true value, it reminds us that we should be quick to forgive and shouldnt think twice before professing our true love because we may never get another chance again…..It reminds us to do little things with great love.

coming to the performences apart from the leading pair I just loved the performence of Kalyan Ray as Rono and Aparna Sen as Paro. Rono’s one liners is sure to bring an smile or two to your lips. He is so real and endearing that we almost instantly fall in love with him. Its his predicament which shows us a color of  distressed marraige….

Rahul Bose and Radhika turn in one of the best performences of their careers and it goes a long way to elevate the movie to great heights. Sharmila Tag ore ina conversation with Rahul Bose breathes life into an otherwise routine Pishi act.

Please do find time to watch this movie. I suggest multiple viewings to grab the full content and do keep your ears open for the refreashing and soothing music. Kuddos to annirudha Roy Choudhury for making such a fine film.


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  1. Ashim says:

    Love this movie…


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