A Delightful achievement in film making. When I started with this movie, I thought that it would turn out to be just another preachy social dramas but to my utter surprise, it turned out to be such a whole some entertainer that it left many in its class way  behind. The movie tells the story of Arman Ali(Boman Irani), a driver for a wealthy millionaire in Mumbai who goes to his village for  a month to get his daughter married but returns for three months. when his boss asks the reason for his prolonged absence, he narrates his story which would leave many dumbstruck and many other rolling out with laughter. The story is so simple yet so potent that it will immediately catch up to you. the performances would leave you. Most of the comedy is situational. The smashing performances make it even more worth while. Boman Irani has done wonders as far as his dual role is concerned. he plays two brother who are like two sides of a coin. Each of the characters playing the the roles of the tehsildar, Engineers, Officers et all do their part to perfection. I especially enjoyed the part of the Engineer played by Ravi Kissen. His depiction of a newly married engineer who is just on the look out for jumping on the bed with with his wife at every little instigation was hilarious.

Overall a highly entertaining and fun filled fare, which will satisfy every viewer who watches it with an open heart.



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