We have seen a truck load of superhero movies from the infallible Superman, Spider man to the more vulnerable Batman and more recently Thor and even Hulk but I can assure you that you haven’t seen anything like Kanthaswamy before. No superhero movie ever has displayed wire work techniques which makes the hero fly and glide before but Kanthaswamy does exactly that and still manages to blow us away with its explosive action. Every action of the superhero is explained and put forth in-front of the viewer which makes us feel that we are not being conned into believing something which is not true and in turns elevates the believability of otherwise unbelievable storyline.

Kanthaswamy(Chiyyan Vikram), is an IPS officer who is hell bent on finding every penny of black money hidden across the country. This brings him face to face with PPP(Ashish Vidyarthi) and Raj Mohan(Mukesh Tiwari). Little are the baddies aware that the suave IPS officer has an alter ego in a marauding superhero who is  a modern day incarnation of Robin Hood. The CBI is after him and so are the baddies but Kanthaswamy has his circle of faithful accomplices who would rather die than give him up. As time goes on, Kanthaswamy starts finding it more and more difficult to keep his alter ego under wraps.

Kanthaswamy is a delightful movie and I would advice you to ignore any negative review that you come across. Its something new which has never been done before. The concept is great and the execution is even better. The character of Kanthaswamy has so many layers to it that it had to conceived with great care and involvement. Each disguise brilliantly crafted and will have you hooked. The action sequences are wonderfully filmed and made completely believable. The music is drab and that is the only downer.

Chiyyan Vikram has never looked this good. To me he epitomizes the perfect Indian Male. He is one of the most good-looking and talented actors out there. He has proved his acting prowess with movies like Sethu and Pitamagam and charisma with films like Anniyan and Bheema. Kanthaswamy will rocket him to the bedroom walls of the Indian youth for sure.

The rest of the cast has little to do though Shriya Saran looks pretty all throughout. Her hairdo though could have been better. Ashish Vidyarthi and Mukesh Tiwari do their parts well.

Kanthaswamy is a terrific watch which cannot be missed for any reason.



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