I had never been able to put up with the Planet of the Apes franchise which preceded this one. I didnt even like the Charlton Heston starrer technicolor classic and so to be honest I was hardly interested for this one. But as I went through the reviews I couldnt help but notice that almost everyone was going ga ga about this installment and now after sitting through 1 hour 40 minutes of cinematic brilliance, I know exactly why.

Rise Of the Planet of the Apes can be called a biography of Caesar(Andrei Serkis),  who has previous experience of playing a full blown digitized charecter. If you all remember he was the Gollum of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and then again The King Kong of Peter Jacksons’ 2006 adaptation of the 1933 Epic. Caesar is a chimp born out of a mother which was the subjec t of genetic research and as a result has supernatural intelligence. He is ordered away from his keeper James Francko(Will) after he attacks a man who was assulting will’s father. Once into captivity Caesar comes to know of the plight of his fellow beings in captivity and quickly turns into their protector and leader.

The biggest plus for Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is its smashing story. the execution is spot one. the short runtime doesnt allow you to get bored or stagnant and the editing is crisp. The performences by the ensemble cast is brilliant though I felt that Brian Cox was wasted in the role of the Zoo Kepper which could have been done by any one.

Every time we think that the special effects cannot get any better than this, hollywood amazes us with something new. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is one such movie. Caesar is the heart and soul of the movie. he immotes through his eyes. One can feel his sense of surprise, anger, disgust, compassion and even remorse. The EFX team has done a breathtaking job with the visula effects. This movie would have been much lesser without such stupendious achievement in the graphics.

Final words….Rise Of the Planet Of the Apes is a must watch for every cinegoer, not only for its entertainment value but also for its power of content and the stupendious achievement that it is in ever sense of the term…..



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