Sudhir Mishra has been trying to come up with a wide range of dramas ranging from romance to gangster movies to et all but with little success. The last Sudhir Mishra movie which made a real impact was ISS RAAT KI SUBHA NAHI. This time he makes a movie which involves a little of everything from gangsters to politics to romance to even the stock market and the brokers and comes up with a cracker of a movie. Yeh Saali Zindagi is a cracker of a movie with so much happening alla round that you will be panting for some breath. i can assure you, this is one movie which will require multiple viewings to understand fully. The story revolves around the kidnapping of a aw and ministers to be son in law and its harrowing impact on the life of a person who is in no way related to any of it. Irfan Khan delivers a hillarious yet restrained performence as Arun, the love stuck baffoon of nature. Chitrangada Singh turns in another authoratative performence and so does Sushant Singh.

Overall Yeh Saali Zindagi is an exhasperating adventure which will leave you both breatheless and speechless.



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