“War is Hell”…we have kown this for as long as we can remember but before this we hardly looked at the fact that “War is drug”. But after sitting through this highly acclaimed Best Picture Oscar winner, i am forced to say that yes…it might be. there have been a number of movies on the war on Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc etc but The Hurt Locker is unlike any of them, primarily because of the fact that it doesnt have a structured story instead it comes to us more like an account. we spend 38 days with the Bravo Company of an Elite EOD unit in the middleeast which is responsible for dissarming bombs placed all accross the country. The account is seen through the eyes of three men namely James, sanborn and Eldridge who are part of the same unit. as they bump into one assignment after the other and face tougher and touger ordeals they are made to question the their very existence and the reasons for which they stood up to fight. Walking through some of the most hostile places o earth for man kind, the trio land up in one frying pan after another. and every time they survive the number of days left in their rotation feel just a wee bit more difficult to survive than before. The account dwells into the pshyc of the soldiers in all its testimony and gives us a documntry-like feel of the reality. As the great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick once said…”In films we dont capture reality but the picture of reality”..Kathryn Bigelow is able to pain a thoughful and breathtaking picture of reality of what might be possibly be going on in the middleeast. for people like us who dont have a first hand knowledge, this picture of reality appeals more as we have no need to fight with our intellect.

what makes The Hurt Locker even more appealing is the splendid perormences of the ensemble cast. Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty turn in superlative performences that bring alive the charecters and their pains and conflicts as well as what goes on in their heads when they are on a mission. the development of their relation and how they look out for each other is interesting to watch. Technically, The Hurt Locker is flawless, the cinematograpghy, the editting and the music score of which there is less are all spot on. Its probably the most realistic depiction of the war and its effects on the minds of the soldiers since Platoon and Full Metal jacket.

A must watch for every moviegoer.


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