Its not the case that amovie like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has not been made before but it does deserve its share of applause for a touching and close to the heart depiction of  the lifelessness in our lives. The charecters feel very real and they will immidiately strike a chord with you. Frankly speaking I especially enjoyed the subtle humour that was there all round the road trip. Be it the incident with Hritik’s pink cell, the Bagmati case or the sentimental discussion in the prison cell which turns into  a joke with just one dialoge from Hritik. It was a joy ride nevertheless. The story is about three friends Kabir(abhay deol), arjun(Hritik) and Imran (Farhan), who are school buddies. Kabir is about to get married and decides to go out on a road trip with his other two  buddies. They decide to travel all accross The American continent and decide on three spots where each of the friends hold a surprise for the other two. On the way they meet Laila(Katreena) and even Kabir’s fiancee drops in to pay a visit.

This movie would surely appeal t those who have been trying to get out of the claustrophobic work environments of today where the man has become a machine. It also has the merit to attract people who want to live their unfulfilled dreams through the eyes of others. truely some of the sequences like the Deep Sea Adventure, The high altitude jump and the Tommatinno Festival will make you fall in love with this movie. But having said all that at the end you will realize that it doesnt have much to offer interms of content as the story and the concept is limited because of the obvious reason that its about a trip and every trrip ends and we come down crashing to reality. But the time that we spend in this dream is worth a try as it does revitalize our senses with a synthesia of light, color, beauty, music and picturesque locales.

It is a worthy watch but dont expect anything remarkable or earth shattering. Its just a humble and loving effort at reminding us that there is more to life than what meets the eye.



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