Tropa De Elite 2: The Enemy Within, is a perfect example of how sequels should be made. It carries the story forward from where Tropa De Elite had left and hit us like a thunder bolt straight out of the blue. It has all the ingredients that had made the first installment such a ravishing affair and has it in so much more that we are left gasping for breath. The action is relentless, the story is breathtakingly fast and above all all the performences are so appealing that you will be left to wonder wheather you are watching a movie or a documentary. Having said that let me clarify that the movie is extremely entertaining.

The Story starts in a hospital where Colonel Nachimento(Wagner Moura) is attending to someone and straight away he is attacked.  the story swooshes back four years where BOPE under the supervision of Nachimento attacks a federal prison to release some hostages. Andre Matias(André Ramiro ) takes a call against the judgement of Nachimento and guns down the wron doers but this incident brings BOPE under the fury of Diogo Fraga(Irandhir Santos ) a human rights activist and his group. there vociferous protst against the Elite Units way of work and barbarism creates an ordeal for the government who are forced to take out Matias and place him under the militia and Puts Nachimento out of command but inside the government. what ensues is a chain of events which puts not only lives but also the fate of a city on the racks and one man has to stand up to take a stand against a system.

I dont have enough words to praise this movie. Tropa de Elite 2  not only gives us a real life look at the politics in Rio, which many say is frighteningly real, it also provides great food for thought. For most part of the film, Nachimento thinks that the system is aiding BOPE where as the truth of the matter was always that BOPE was aiding the system BOPE creates a monster out of its policies which threatens to devour the whole city.

What makes a movie successful is the ability of it to tell a compelling story and Tropa de Elite  2 does exactly that. One cannot leave this movie unless thay know what happens in the ends. such is the power of the script that it will virtually control you all through out the viewing. The performences are another plus. Wagner Moura has aged since the first installment and like old wine, he has got better. Some scenes where he shows us his old self are a treat to watch. even though all throughout he maintains a poised appearence, his lashout at the end is in itself worth the price of admission.Sandro Rocha plays a terrifying baddie who complements Naschimentos’ heorics scene for scene.

José Padilha has skillfully crafted another piece of cinematic brilliance which can be seen and reseen for years. Kudos to him…..