The Prequel to the immnsely popular Tropa De Elite 2: The Enemy Within traces the begining and rise of Matias(Andre Ramirez) to the BOPE. It also shows us the gradual rise through the role of a Captain to The Colonel for Naschimento(Wagner Moura). The movie kicks off with a operation in the slums by BOPE where Matias and his friend Neto come accross BOPE for the first time. We swoosh back again for a flash back to trace back on the past of Nato and Matias and there reas0ns to join BOPE. Once in they face a tougher ordeal in the face of an inhuman trainning and then the ceaseless fued in the slums wher Matias undergoes a sea change from a timid softspoken guy to a uptight hard hitting police officer all under the supervision of Nascimento. Nascchimentos’ life is also put out infront of us and we see the birth of his son Rafa, his incissent quarrels with his wife which finally led to their divorce and also his bery own pshycological break down.

Jose Padilah introduced us to a different type of filmmaking with Tropa De Elite. It was compared to movies such as City Of God which in itself was a exceptional acco;ade and it goes on to emphasize on the power of the content on display. Tropa De Elite is rich in content and the story is described ina non linear narrative. The reason for its success is also the way it is narrated. Had this story been told ina syncronous fasion, chances are we might not have enjoyed it as much, but the quick changes in the mood and the back and forth movement in the story keep us engrossed all throughout.

The perforemences are breathtaking and believeable. Wagner Moura is a picture of perfection and his display of a varied range of immotions is a treat to watch. The background acore is another bonus, especially the title track. The camera movement is jerky and feel like it has been shot all the way through keeping in mind the POINT OF VIEW. I believe that was intentional and hence nothing to whine about.

Overall an awesome movie for the fans of the genre.


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