Based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King, The Mist is a chilly and spine tingling science fiction thriller which will affect you in a number of different ways. First and foremost, the environment of the whole movie is so very disturbing that it will give you a feeling of something not being ok all throughout the screening. The movie is a picture of beauty  but there is a constant errie sense of something not being OK and every now and then disaster strikes. The climax will leave many shocked and believe me, one couldn’t have asked for a more shocking climax than this.

The story is that of David Drayton(Thomas Jane), a family man who is happily married with a boy. On a dreadful night, his town is struck by a storm. His house is badly damaged in the storm. Drayton decides to pay a visit to the nearby supermarket with his son to pick up supplies  but leaves his wife at home. Its right after he reaches the supermarket that the whole town is engulfed by a cloud of mysterious mist. As the crowd in the supermarket tries to venture out into the mist, they realize there might be something more sinister in the mist than what they had expected.

The Mist works so wonderfully because of the amazing content. The movie is shot mostly inside the supermarket and the horror generated by the psychology of the people inside the supermarket. Each individual has his or her reason to move out and venture into the mist and yet are forced to stay indoor. This results in their frustration and emotional outburst in different ways which makes up the crux of the movie. There is a sufficient amount of creature violence and they are gorgeous to look at. The graphics are so beautiful that even in some of the grotesque scenes, I was forced to stand up and take notice of the picturesque beauty of the horrifying.

This is the third Frank Darabont adaptation Stephen Kings’ work that I have had the chance to view after The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile and I might dare say this that its in no way a lesser adaptation. Even though subject wise there is a huge difference between the three but in its genre , The Mist is a cracker of a movie. Its a thriller both for the thinking mind as well as for those who look for the graphic creature violence. The performance by Thomas Jane and also the ensemble cast is terrific. Maria Gay Harden as Mrs Carmondy is worth a special mention for her sinister role as a preacher who sights the incidents as the re-occurence of the biblical plagues.

Overall a stupendious watch….Go for it!!!


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