This is the most sickening film that I have had the displeasure of  watching. I truely regret watching this movie simply becuse of the fact that it has filled my heart with the feeling that something as sick as what is shown is possible by human. I truely believe in the fact that films are fictional depiction of reality and if this is to be a depiction of a possible reality then I must presume that its a horrifying world that we live in.

The story revolves around a pornstar who has a family life going. He has a loving wife and a five year old son. The only problem in his life is a utter lack of financial security. he is approached by a fellow worker to star in a art pornographic movie which is suppose to set him up for life atleast financially. He agrees and they start shooting but because of the insanely profane nature of the content, he decides to leave the project but he is overpowerd and wakes up to find three days missing from his life. He finds cassetes that recorded his activities over the last three days and they reveal an ominious tale of barbarism.

This is a SICK SICK movie which depicts sodomy, necrophilia, paedophilia and rape to horrendous extremities. I dont believe such graphic display of the content has been done before. There are scenes which will make you puke with disgust. I searched up about this movie on wikipedia and found that it has been banned for its contents in many country and I truely support the decision. Movies are pieces of art and it does effect our views and life as a whole. A movie of this sort is strong enough to make us feel bad for a long period of time. If this was the aim of the maker in making this movie then they have succeeded immensely.

Stay away from this one…..!!



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