Many critics have lambasted Green Lantern by calling it a no good special effect laden roller coaster ride with no heart but after sitting through this nearly two hour long movie I have to disagree with them.

Hal Jordan(Ryan Reynolds) is cocky test pilot who would go to any extent to prove his point and seems oblivious to fear but in the inside he  is still haunted by the memories of his fathers sad demise in a flight crash. On a fateful evening he is met by an alien who crash lands on earth escaping from an unspeakable evil and grants Hal a mystical ring and a Lantern. Hal now becomes the member of an elite intergalactic squadron of warriors called the Green Lanterns who are entrusted with the task of maintaing peace throughout the universe. On the other hand the aliens body which was affected by another evil alien DNA finds a victim in hector Hammond(Peter Sarsgaard) and tries to destroy the earth and absorb the power of all earthlings through him. Its now upto Hal and his new found power to first save the earth and then the galaxy.

Let me first make one thing clear..Green Lantern is for those who can leave their brains at home when they go for a movie. If you are able to do that then chances are you will love it. I just switched off my melon and let the visual and the charecters take control of my senses and I had a great time. Its immensely likeable if one  can accept it for what it is…A mindless entertainer. the special effects are gorgeous. This is one of those movie which you gotta see it on the big screen and preferably in 3D. The costumes, The charecters, The action are all in place and above all we have a really good looking Green Lantern. One has to agree that Ryan Reynolds has never looked this good and alluring. The same can be said about Mark Strong who essays the role of Sinistrao. We just wish that he had more screen time. Carol Ferris looks pretty as Hal’s beau and Tim Robbins is wasted in the role of Hammond.

Green Lantern is a treat to the eyes and if you can make the story, depth, acting and drama second priority to visual flaire then chances are you will be hooked…



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